Autoboy 171-243

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MIG-MAG Welding rectifier


High welding speed


24V Controls

Characteristics and applications:

The semi-automatic welding machines are suitable for the welding with melting solid wire with CO2 ore mixed gas. They are appropriate for welding in all positions of metal sheets up to large thicknesses of alloyed and unalloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys. A functional though simple construction of the machine assures a minimum of breakdowns.


The machine is composed of a power unit with a steady voltage transformer, integrated wire feeder and welding gun.


The Autobox 200 series is especially suitable for platework and light constructions.
The Autobox 250 is multifunctional: the larger range (300Amp) can even be used for heavy constructions.

Mig-Mag welding power sources:

To guarantee a reliable machine, all parts have been placed on a mobile compact chassis. The Autobox series is designed for semi-automatic welding under protected gas. The three-phased copper wound transformer assures an excellent reliability. The output is adjustable in 30 positions by means of a cam switch. The silicon rectifier supports a 800 V reverse voltage. An accurate set-up of air entry and air exhaust prevents high temperatures, which makes a fan redundant.

Integrated wire feeder:

Integrated in the housing you´ll find the wire feed motor, which is a dc-shuntmotor with integrated gear-box. A variable voltage under constant induction provides a speed adjustment between 0-23m/min. This kind of regulation guarantees a steady wire feeding. The wire is carried along by 4 gear-wheel rolls preventing the wire from slipping.

Other possibilities:

The Autobox has a special construction and offer following extra advantages:

single sided spot welding without counter electrode

the influence of heat decreases and is limited to 5 mm outside the welding hath

a high welding speed decreases the welding time by 60%

periodic welding offers the possibility to weld 0,4 mm platework

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Mains voltage V 1 x 230 3 x 400
Fuse A 20 16
Power kVA 5 8
Regulation A 40-160 40-240
Nullastspanning V 19.5-29.5 14-30
Yield / 0.88 0.88
Duty cycle %ED / 40 40
Insulation / IP .. / F / IP23 F / IP23
Technology / Transfo Transfo
diam. wire mm 0.6 – 0.8 0.6 – 0.8
bobbin type /
wire guide / 4 wheels – 50W 4 wheels – 50W
Weight kg 60 80
Afmetingen L x B x H mm 790 x 455 x 675 900 x 455 x 820

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AUTOBOX 171 100.201.171
AUTOBOX 303 100.201.243
Welding torch (ERGOGRIP) 3m 4m 5m
MB15 002.0514 002.0515 002.0516
MB24 012.0158 012.0159 012.0160
MB25 004.0376 004.0377 004.0.78
MB26 018.0132 018.0133 018.0134
MB36 014.0191 014.0192 014.0193
MB61 3m 4m 5m
MB401 033.0182 033.0193 033.0194
MB501 034.0292 034.0293 034.0294
PUSH PULL (straight) 4m 8m
PP24-26-36 081.0029 081.0033
PP240-401-501 091.0037 091.0043

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